Friday, February 04, 2005

A little about me

Like I said my name is Zach, but what you don't know is that I have 2 wonderful children Jake (he is 7) and Linnea (she is 3), of course there is also my lovley wife Tara who is beautiful. Lastly, I have my dog Benny (he is a springer).


tara said...

zach attack: hey baby! we miss you so much! we watch the movie you made us the night before you left and it always make us smile. the kids are having a hard time with you being gone, but have enjoyed the daily communication. (unlike last time you went) keep writing to us we are always curious the kinds of things that happens over there. looking forward to seeing some pictures you and of iraq. we love you and stay safe!!!!! love,gushka girl, juga girl, and bonka boy

Anonymous said...

Wars are always a disgrace. A pity we have to recur to them, no matter the reason. Hopefully, nne day --as distant as it may seem now-- we will learn to live in peace with ourselves and with others. Maria A. Martinez. May you come back soon to your family, safe.