Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Here is Donka Roo (also hand drawn by Zach). He has 4 legs but only 2 feet, GO DONKA ROO!!! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

-Ode to Donka Roo-

Fagnia, oh Fagnia
the their way home.
Sad not im seda.
Spots refrad nere eye.

run hoame, run hoame.


Anonymous said...

How much roo could a Donka Roo roo if a Donka Roo could roo roo?
- Anti-hydration -

Zach Attack said...

Donka Roo, I do love you!

Here is a Haiku by your truley:

Donka Roo, Hello!
Your feet look like two pontoons
What makes you smile?

chachachaROOnie said...

Where's my antibacterial gel? Oh he doesn't have fleas? OK...Donka Roo, I can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

What if sad cow and donka roo hooked up Why it would make a Donka sad roo cow! It would be so cool! Then I would let him be my co-star in one of my movies!