Friday, April 22, 2005


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What makes you yellow? Does death? Does life? Who decides? Your circumstances or yourself? Why do you feel yellow? Does yellow mean your a coward? Can we be brave and still feel yellow? Do heroes feel yellow? Do villains? Is being yellow bad? Is it good? Is it just a feeling? Does feeling yellow make you hurt others? Does it make you give in when you know better? Can you overcome it? Do you want to? Is feeling yellow scary? Why?


Anonymous said...

Feeling yellow is alive it is like a tree
sometimes tall and healthy
othertimes dry and fighting off ailment
Trees can be uprooted removing it from its memory replanted all the while continueing its reach upward
A tree is protective like yellow humbled yet powerful like yellow

You can feel yellow

yellow by ingrid

Anonymous said...

I was so scared when I was in 'Nam I couldn't see straight. That I made it home alive and in relatively one piece was a freaking miracle. But I think at some point I realized I was more scared of dying than I was of the enemy, so if they were going to hurt me, I was going to hurt them first if I had to. I just couldn't think about it any other way. A day or two after I got home a kid next door set off a string of firecrackers and I wet my pants because I didn't have my weapon with me. It took a long time to get to the place where I wasn't jumping out of my skin when a door slammed or a car backfired. You get past all this.

amarela said...

feeling yellow is feeling afraid, afraid of doing wrong but never giving up of trying to do the right. feeling yellow is feeling optimistic!... is having will to do your duty!.. yellow is courage, cause courage is not the absence of fear but it is making front to it!.. feeling yellow can be scary if you just don't have the right will