Sunday, May 08, 2005


It's amazing how the human body is so very resilient and strong yet so very fragile. You hear stories like how 2 teenagers survived being lost at sea for 7 days. Then that same day you also see people blown to bits, and I can't help but wonder, how?

A few days ago on my way across the base we had to drive under an overpass. This overpass runs right through our FOB (forward operations base) and is open to Iraqi civilian traffic. That traffic must pass through multiple checkpoints to even get on this overpass.

We were driving under this overpass and the first thing we felt was the shockwave shake our entire vehicle. Then came the sound of the explosion. It happened about 300 meters from us. Great black clouds were billowing forth from the violent end to a human life. My driver and I were lucky not to be one of the dead and wounded, but it reminded me again of how very fragile we are, humanity...

I wonder how many parents back home will never see their sons and daughters, how many wives and husbands will become widows waiting for loved ones who will never be coming home, and how many children will have only a folded American flag to remind them of their mother or father? Every day I pray to God that my son Jacob, my daughter Linnea, and my wife Tara will have more than just a piece of folded cloth. I pray that I make it home.

In closing I say only this. REMEMBER! Remember your daughter's smile, your son's laugh, and the way your wife or husband looks at you just before they kiss you. KISS them! Tell them how much you care! Don't ever take them for granted, because life is so very fragile.

Tara, I love you. I love you with every bit of my heart. You are my beautiful wife and such a strong and wonderful mother. Tell the kids that I love them, and Tara? I promise I will come home to you.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog this week and was pleasantly suprised to find it so full of detail, emotions, and honesty. Thank you for your words, for the window they provide into a world that I wish more Americans could understand the weight of; the jagged edges of war, the strong heart of our soldiers. Please, please keep on writing.
I won't pretend to know what you are going through. I know that you must be missing your family fiercly and I know that they are back home fiercly missing you. I also know that no matter how far you are apart, your hearts are always together.
I can not wait until the day I read of your cheerful reunion, of the sweet sight of your children and wife and the sea of hugs that will ensue. I know that that day will come in time, though it seems it could never come quick enough I'm sure. You will get there!
You will all be in my heart and in my prayers each and every day. If your wife or family, or anyone over there needs anything I would be more than glad to help out.
With so much thanks and appreciation to one of our American heros and his amazing family,

Anonymous said...

hey zach attack!
well dan and I are spending mother's day weekend at dan's parents house in longview and we were just looking at your super cool blog we all wanted to say that we love you and pray for your safe homecoming everyday! Zach - The backyard is so grren and beautiful! Not as many flowers as the wedding last year but beautiful! Randy and I traded in the camper on a 5th wheel and are now traveling and "camping" in comfort and style. We often think of you and your beautiful family and can hardly wait for you, Tara and the kids to in the Pac. N.W. You are coming back aren't you? We love your pictures and our hearts ache for the people and circumstances you deal with every day. Keep writing Zach. Mary and Randy

Looking Glass Girl said...

You have always had such an honest heart. I hope someday I can see you again, eat some bbq with your family, see your sweet kids and meet your wife.

I often think of the fragility of life, but how strangely strong it is too. I love hearing how you cherish your life, understanding how fragile and strong it is at the same time. You are that way too -- vulnerable and fragile in your honesty, but so strong Zach. I think it is that vulnerabilitly that makes you strong. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I love you friend,

ps. sorry i missed chatting with you last night.

Anonymous said...

Hi son, Thank you for the beautiful Mother's Day call and message. So true strong and vulnerable all at once describes you perfectly. I cannot wait to hug you this summer when you're on leave. Your blog tribute to your family is extraordinary. I love you sweet son. With love and prayers and heart, mom xoxo

Kristen said...

Awww, Zach! I wish Rob would post something like that. I almost cried. Even though I'm not deployed out there with y'all and therefore can only empathize with you on a miniscule level, I can relate, as can many of the other spouses here. Not only was I separated from my loving husband on Mother's Day, but also from my son, who conveniently enough, turned one the same day. Thank God Tara was there to keep my spirits up! You really lucked out with her and I know you know that! Rob never updates his team's blog, so yours is really my only window into your world over there. Although your family related messages are directed to your own family, I think they really speak to all the families left behind. You say exactly what I, and I'm sure alot of other spouses, wish they could hear from their own on a daily basis. Thank you for being that bridge between worlds, and keep the pictures coming. I especially enjoy your renditions of "sad cow". He kinda looks like that floating cow on "Sweet Cuppin Cakes" from Homestar Runner. Will he ever get off that teetering pole?
Take care hun,
Kristen Jones

TARA said...


Trevor said...

You're right, human life is fragile. It takes a few years and some perspective into how awful we all have the potential to be with one another to make that sink in for most people.

Stay safe and come back to your family whole - mentally and physically.

Melissa said...

I just found your blog and have been reading. Your honesty and REALITY comes through loud and clear.
I cried as I read your posts. Your love for your family oozes from the words you write about them. I have you on my prayer list (your family too!) and will continue praying for your safety and theirs.
Please know that even though we have not met, you will have a special place in my heart.
May God bless you and yours...
From Austin, Texas