Saturday, May 14, 2005


Some people have told me that others would be judged for the blood on our hands. I don't believe that because they are OUR hands not theirs.

I remember how just after crossing the Euphrates River during the 'Shock and Awe' campaign and seeing 2 columns of bodies, one row on each side of the road. They were in various states of undress from their Iraqi military uniforms because they had been trying to quickly change into civilian clothing and would have run home to their families or some may have been planning to escape so that they could ambush us later. Well, they were all dead, blood everywhere from all the holes in the bodies. So many bodies all lined up. I can still remember the last body on the left side of the road because his hand was still twitching as we drove past.


Daniel said...

That's great. I had just gotten done supressing those memories under hundreds of gallons of beer. But for people who want to remember it, you can buy stylish "Shock & Awe" rings by Jensen at the PX. "Shocking & Awful", if you ask me.

Jana Lane said...

As hard as it is to read about the war it is vital that people at home know what you've experienced and how you feel about it. It is very important for me, and I'm sure, other people. I hope you're coming home soon. I'm glad I know your name so I can say it aloud during prayers on Sunday morning.