Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I was reading the news when I came upon this!. It is an article about how the defense contracting company Halliburton has received $72 million dollars in BONUSES for it's work in Iraq. So when you wonder where all that money we send to Iraq is going lets just make sure we are on the same page. This money given to Halliburton is in addition to the money it makes for its defense contract in Iraq. WHY IS ALL THIS MONEY GOING TO GIANT US CORPORATIONS? Shouldn't it be going to Iraqi businesses to help rebuild their devastated economy and war torn land? Why do the BIG MONEY people of the United States get to smear our good name and continue to prosper when the Iraqi people who have had suffered many many civilian casualties and other numerous hardships continue to get the short end of the stick? I just hope that someone decides that enough is enough. Either invest that money we had set aside in a good way for the Iraqis or give it to someone who will!


Watch 'n Wait said...

Well, as I understand it, it goes like this: VP Cheney was VP of Halliburton before he became VP of the USA. KGB is part of Halliburton too. KGB handles the food for the troops in Iraq and is under investigation. Halliburton was given the contract for reconstruction work in Iraq. It was a no-bid contract. The contract had the bonus terms written in. Cheney developed the energy policy for the US...and even though his closed door meeting included oil co CEOs, he refuses to say who they were. Halliburton was to get Iraq's oil refineries and all up and running, among other tasks. It seems Halliburton did some of those other tasks well and the bonus kicked in. It's all very interesting...and it's costing the US a bundle but it seems the Iraqis will have to go a long time before they see much benefit..like electricity they can depend on. Many reasons for that.

Jana Lane said...

The give away of American taxpayers' money to Halliburton and the hypocrisy in not helping Iraquis build their own country is truly outrageous. I hope you are coming home soon. We desperately need you to be part of the discussion here at home.

none said...

it's gross, but since the pillaging is under way and no one can stop it, I think soldiers should get compensated in some of this stock