Saturday, May 21, 2005

Still Alive, guess it is another good day.

The mortars hit us
I'm glad that I didn't die
Guess it's a good day

A haiku about my morning


Anonymous said...

hey zack i check your blog every day now. we are out there thinking about you and wishing you well. there are good vibes coming your way.

Anonymous said...

You have many people back here in the states who are praying for you!! I can not imagine how hard it must be; don't let yourself loose faith!
You have a sea of faces here sending our love and praying for your safe return. Stay strong and keep safe!

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Not only people praying in amerika for Zachery.
Also a lot of respect from Holland for Zack.

Take care Zack

Jan Henk

Trevor said...


You have posted more than once about incoming mortars. Can you tell me - is this common for all soldiers in Iraq, or are you in a particularly dangerous area?

I wish you well.

Zach Attack said...

It is pretty common in most of the US bases in Iraq. Some get more than others...

Trevor said...


Stay safe. Hopefully, the Iraqis themselves will decide that they want to deal with the insurgency. I don't see any other way for a positive ending to this drama that is playing out on the world stage.

Daedalus said...

A subtle hope: The Iraqi gov this week met with both Iran and Jordan and it seems that all parties are interested in pluralism in Iraq. What's odd is that the US did not condemn the gov for meeting with Iran officials, which is a really good indication that the gov is actually running somewhat independently of the US. The meetings are more than just symbolic gestures from the top elites. Iraq can only get better with the full cooperation of its neighbors. Iran has a power over some insurgents. This is not some superficial development but an actual baby step towards the possibility of improvement. Zach, I know that democracy in Iraq was just a way the US gov could save face for its WMD blunders, but if democracy truly does take root, you will have been a part of that. I know it puts you no closer to home, but I hope that it is at least some consolation. Hang in there, and don't lose hope.

Dana M said...

There is not a day that goes by that I do not add you, and your family,
to my prayers. They are never heard, but an old and holy monk has assured
me they just aren't heard the way that could have been expected.
May you be comforted knowing so many are praying for you.

Daniel's mother


Prayers goes to you from a Filipina here in DC.