Friday, June 17, 2005

Sunrise in Tikrit

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PKMatthews said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty you see with your eyes & with your heart. As an old Vietnam-anti-war protester, it give me enormous hope to know such a spirit as yours hasn't been killed by this terrible war. Our prayers are with you & your family.
PKMatthews & family

MoodSwing said...

Good blog my man. Stay safe, and keep your head right.

jarvenpa said...

It's a beautiful photo, Zach. I came to your blog via Operation Truth; I'm the daughter of a military man (he died 7 years ago, veteran of WWII,and Korea), sister of a vet (who escaped combat, thank god), granddaughter of a world war I vet. I am also wholly against this war, and wholly holding all the troops, and the people of Iraq,in my thoughts. My father cried in his last days about how often he was gone from his kids. I told him he'd done the best he could, the best he knew how to do. I hope it consoled him a little. He died peacefully, in his 70's, in my arms. Please live to see your little boy a strong man, and your girl a strong woman--and let's hope this nation comes to its senses. Hang on.