Friday, August 26, 2005

Take it for what it's worth

Eternal Damnation you swear on me.
Your eyes show the hate you harbor.

Here is my neck, I say to you,
Your hands are cold as they begin to squeeze.

It is a diamond you hold, you know?
As imperfect as it is it is still a soul.


Joe in St. Paul said...

Dude, that is heavy!! Keep on writin, I am still readin.

Kate said...

Beautiful, Zach.

Take care --

Kim S. said...

I love your blog. Your honesty is beautiful.

Yesterday I was having a bad bipolar day and wrote about it in my blog. When I went back later there was a supportive comment from you. Considering what you are going through my bad days pale in comparison, so it was very kind of you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Remember that you and your family are constantly being lifted in prayer. Your sacrifices are not in vain.


Hurria said...

"Your sacrifices are not in vain."

Yes they are. His sacrifices, and those of all the troops in Iraq, and even moreso those unwilling and crushing sacrifices of the Iraqi people are being made in a criminal, pointless war based on lies, and being continued for the ego of your president.

Joe said...


Do you think Zach is some wild cowboy out there shootin up Iraq?


Anne Campbell said...

Thank you for bringing the Iraq war to so many of us here who care. I was your age during the Vietnam War, and Iraq seems nearly identical, especially in terms of the experiences of fighting soldiers.

I don't believe we have a great deal of national interest in Iraq because there is no draft for this war. Still, everyone I talk to (in New York) feels wretched that soldiers have to be there, aiming a rifle at other human beings.

What is so wrong with Homo Sapiens that we don't learn?

I think about you, I pray for you. My personal politics don't matter here. I want you all home safe, out of harm's way.

Take care, the men and women who have to be so brave. My heart is with you all.

Rook679 said...

I appreciate your comments. I think more people need to see your side of the story in order for us, the US, to get out of Iraq. I think because Zach is such a caring, kind, and all around cool guy it makes a lot of readers of this blog missunderstand that its not about him being a bad person and you wishing ill will upon him. It's about the fact that he is part of an army that is occupying your homeland for BS reasons. You only wish him to be gone from your country and you are too strongwilled an individual to read some peoples comments without pointing out the errors you see in their thinking. Please, if I have been presumptious about how you feel tell me, but I know you will

Rook679 said...

Zach you continue to amaze me in your writing. Keep up the good work.

Hurria said...


Thanks for your kind words. No, nothing I have said is about Zach being a bad person, and I have stated here repeatedly that I wish no harm or ill to come to him. I just wish him and all of his comrades gone, and the sooner the better. They do not belong in Iraq, they belong at home with their families.

Snag said...

I agree. For me I say thanks for you demonstration of humanity. And thank you for your voice. I hope someday we can reconcile.

An interesting metaphor. Diamonds and the soul, I don't specifically remember (I'll look it up), but in Buddhism (maybe Hinduism) there are alot of analogies between diamonds and the soul.

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. - Ghandi

j said...


I read another entry of your blog in an online forum and I was moved.

I just want you to know that I will be keeping you (and your family) in my thoughts and prayers.

Stay strong and be encouraged. Initially, to an extent feel at loss because all I have to offer you are my prayers, but then I remembered the power of and how it's changed my life.

I'm not sure if there is anything you may need (supplies etc), but please do not hesitate to let us (your blog readers) know... I know i'll do everything in my power to see that you get it.

Again, you and your family are in my prayers.

God Bless.

Ted Turner said...

Hurria Said...

"pointless war based on lies, and being continued for the ego of your president."

The "Ego" of your former president...

Dr. Muhemed Ihsan,
Ministar of Human Rights, KRG-Erbil:

"When a Dictator Regime commits crimes of any magnitude, they will usually try to hide it. Just as will the criminal mind. Sadly this is not so with the Iraqi Regime. It did this with pride, & gave itself the right to kill the innocent. This way of thinking is more frightening than the killing itself".

On March 15 1988, in Halabja, one Chemical Bombing alone Kills 5,000 Civilians for Saddam's Anfal.
As of the Fall of 2004, 275 Mass Graves were discovered containing a total of 300,000 bodies. Men, Women, Children, Whole Families, & Generations of families. They were taken bound and thrown on a caravan of trucks. Not even allowed to say "GoodBye".

These are only a handful of the Mass Grave sites: Samawah, Basra, Fehrsar, Rasasa, Karbala, Diwahnia, Shanhafia, Ihrwadhania, Najaf

Ebdul-Fetah Reuf Al Idrisi,
Assistant Director of the Free prisoners' ASSN, BaghDad:

"In some cases, a particular family, over 5 generations, would be imprisoned, Tortured, Killed".
"90 Percent of the Iraqi people have suffered under Saddam".

Kerim Atia Hasan,
Eyewitness, Haydaria:

I saw soldiers come with a truck and digging equipment, they told us to leave, and started digging. We left and watched from a distance. When they were done, they put something in the hole and covered it up, and left. We came back later and dug in the ground. We found 14 Bodies, in 1 square meter, all in Kurdish clothing. They had been burying them here, for over 60 square meters. If you multiply 60 square meters by 14 it equals 3000 corpses, or at least the 1400 that we found so far. We think they are Anfal victims, based on what we found on the bodies.

Sandra L. Hodgkinson,
Senior Advisor on Human Rights - CPA:

"of all the peoples that lived & existed in Iraq during Saddam's regime, Kurds, Shia, Sunni, Turkomann, every ethnic group for whatever reasons at some time in Iraq were persecuted and killed".

Husain Yusif Sadiq,
Al Najaf, Mass grave Survivor:

They brought us in large trucks and dumped us out. They formed squads and shot us 4 at a time. They made us sit at the edge of a hole with our hands tied behind us. We were not allowed to look as they shot us, we would just wait for the bullets, and the bullets would keep coming till you died. There were 600 in my group, they brought us out daily, at 20 to 30 per truckload. When they shot me the bullet hit my shoulder and I fell in the hole. They would quickly look to see if we were still alive, and they would shoot some of us again. When they drove away a good distance, I opened my eyes and saw 4 others who had not died. Among them was a Saudi, he was amongst the gulf people from Kuwait & Bahrain. I Stood up and looked around. I saw my uncle, brothers and cousins who were all dead. The 5 of us were wounded, I was bleeding badly, but we started walking. We saw bodies all around us, and had to walk over some of them to get out. We walked about two miles to some houses. The people there helped us. They brought us medicine and food. We stayed only a couple of days with them. We would leave during the day, because the family was afraid they would be discovered. If we were discovered the whole family would be in peril. We left as soon as we could.

Dr. Muhemed Ihsan,
Ministar of Human Rights, KRG-Erbil:

1.3 Million Iraqis are currently missing.

Dr. Rafid Al Husaini,
Head of the Mass Graves Action Committee - Hilla:

We need the help of the new government, and the world.

The Truth will not simply "Go Away" like you wish the US would.

You must be one of the 10%

Albatroz said...

On another blog - "American Soldier" - I found this incredible statement:

"American Soldier Says:


I cannot make your husbands mind change if he is set on something. I am nothing more than a mere Soldier in this war. Whether I’m home getting fixed or in the mix of it. I am a Soldier and Soldier’s fight wars.

Let your husband read ‘Another chapter yet written’ post. Maybe he will see that Soldier’s don’t need a reason to fight, we do it because it’s deeply rooted within us to.

I hope that helps."

How do you cope with people like this? Are they simply insane? Are there many like him?

Terrible said...

ted turner (what a cutsie name) the truth is also that the bush administartion commited War Crimes and other crimes that are against the LAWS of the United States of America. Many of those laws carry the death penalty. The support of murder, armed robbery and vigilantism even for your stated reasons is still immoral and uneithical.

Ted Turner said...

"bush administartion commited War Crimes and other crimes"

If this is so, why hasn't congress done anything to stop it? Or the UN levied Sanctions against the US? And don't tell me because the democrats are in the Minority, give me a Real answer.

Hurria said...


If you want a REAL answer try asking a REAL question.

Hurria said...


The REAL issue is not whether Saddam committed crimes - and he did - or whether the U.S. has committed crimes - and it has and continues to do so. The real issue is that removing Saddam is only a benefit if you do not replace him with something as bad or even worse than he was. Clearly, the Bush administration's criminal, ill-conceived, incompetently executed invasion and attempted takeover and transformation of Iraq has resulted in something far, far, far worse than Saddam could have done to Iraq and Iraqis in his wildest dreams. the level of devastation the Bush administration has wrought on Iraq has not been seen since the Mongol invasion, and it permeates every single aspect of life in Iraq.

Ted Turner said...

Why then hasn't the UN levied Sanctions against the US?

Hurria said...

TT, that question can only be borne out of utter disingenuousness, or abysmal ignorance of reality.

HURRIA said...


MIke Crichton said...

Zack, your anonymous posters are mostly jackasses. Why don't you disable anonyposting?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Zach, Then all us "Intellectuals" can Coddle eachother and have a group hug after we've silenced those with different opinions!

Terrible said...

ted turner, sorry I didn't comment on your comment sooner. I only visit here once in a while but thought I'd better today as I see many Mil. Blogs may get taken down soon. As far as formal charges against Bush or UN sanctions I suggest you take a look at history. I don't think you'd have to look very far to see many leaders who are well known to be war criminals yet little or nothing is done. The reason in most cases is financial as most of those in control of such things operate within a limited system of greed. It quite often takes decades and international pressure before most war criminals are brought to justice. In the specific case of Bush though the wheels of justice have been set in motion. But it still could easily be a decade or more before the results of that materialize as indictments or sanctions. And if you are as informed as you sound then you are very well aware of that and only ask the questions to try and muddy the waters of justice. Rest assured that, although it will take quite some time, America will recover from the damage done to Democracy and the Constitution by this administration.

Mike Crichton said...

Anonymous loser: you're saying that you're too scared to post using a verifiable name? If you have to give a name in order to post, you'll choose to be silent instead? That's sad.

Buck up! Grow a spleen and get your own web page. Doesn't even have to have your real name in it, all you have to do is get your own blogger account anonymously. You can even have in named "Anonymous coward" if you want!