Monday, September 26, 2005

My Dog

Originally uploaded by nevadog.

Here is my Dog Benny.


Anonymous said...

A man's best friend!

Daedalus said...

hey, zach, i don't know if you've seen this, but some information is coming out about pat tillman:

all of those people who have those ribbons on their suvs and wave their little flags used to view him as their ideal guy, quits football, fights for country. now that there is proof that he was very much against this administration and its idiotic policies, i am sure those people will turn on him and call him anti-american.

it's a good article.

Anonymous said...

my dog's named Doydle. they wouldn't let me name him Kitty

Jaws.DFK said...

I like your dog. Im joining the military soon. Is b.t. as hard to pass as they say it is? Does your dog have all four legs? "Not trying to be cruel or anything but it looks like its missing a leg in the picture." If so how did it happen?

Hurria said...

"Im joining the military soon."

What's this another idiot with a death wish? Or maybe another racist American hell bent on kick some Ayrab ass?

Anonymous said...

eric says your dog smells tara needs yo bathe it more

Beverly said...

Hi Zach,
Beautiful dog. According to your last blog, you should be coming home soon. That is a blessing. Your dog will be so excited when you walk in the door. When I read that you should be returning soon, I felt sad, sounds selfish, but not intended as such, I will miss your writings. I hope you stay involved in some way after you get home. I can't imagine you are the type to keep your mouth shut. If you notice any symptoms of PTSD, don't be foolish, get whatever help you need. You deserve the best. If some idiot doctor doesn't see it, go to the next. I am happy for you and your wife and kids. I have grown to love you and your friends in the pictures.