Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Still Alive

I have arrived safely to FOB (forward operations base) Speicher (pronounced spiker) alive and well (and yes I am back with my unit again, the 3rd ID). One thing I would like to say is that any misgivings I once had of working with the National Guard (sometimes called Nasty Guard by some active duty soldiers) from New York State are gone. I have spent the better part of 9 months with a wonderful group of people. I have made friends that I won't soon forget and I am grateful for the caliber of person I have found in the 42nd ID.

Here at Speicher I live in a giant dust bowl, but the base is HUGE. I can't publish exactly how many days I have left here in Iraq, but it is less than 3 months and for that I am grateful. For all of you who read my blog I want you to take care, and again thank you for your comments and the time you take out of your day to see how I am doing. Regular postings will resume now that I am settled again.


Josh Ing said...

congrats on getting there safe and sound

Snag said...

Short-timer. Less than 3 months and a wake-up...good stuff.
Good luck and stay safe Zach.

Rose said...

Glad to hear that your countdown has started. I'm sure you have many, many guardian angels watching over you. Sending good thoughts from Japan--take care!

Tickneen said...

Dude, that is awesome, less than 3 months can't come soon enough. Stay safe.



Anonymous said...

Settled just in time to see the fireworks back here, Zach. The Plamegate indictments sound like they are coming very soon...

-roamer in mich

Anonymous said...

take care Zach,

From Holland


Satirah Davis said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us/ me. I am SOLIDLY behind the troops in Iraq and Afganistan. I did not and do not support the war/occupation. This only deepenes my concern for your welfare, safety and those of all our troops. I am an Army Brat, Army widow.......... The support of our armed forces is upper most in my mind. I pray you see this as a Salute to you and the troops. I want you safely protected, proper equipment, and a clearly defined time frame to come home. The USA needs you here at home. We are facing many natural disasters, terrorists threats (the threats are mainly aimed to disrupt trains, tunnels, subways- they cannot be verified. So, we are chasing an unseen threat. Will the terrorists strike here ~ I think they will; also think it will be a surprise with no intelligence on the attack. I am only one person, with limited ability to know what is honestly going on in my government, Iraq, Afganistan or Gitmo. Thank you. With Gratitude, Prayer and Respect,

Anonymous said...

good to hear that things are going well for you. Hopefully your 3 months will fly by and you will be back home soon.

kjh said...


Glad you made it to Speicher okay.

I miss you and your gang at 4am. Hope you found a good place to pump-iorn.

Anonymous said...

So glad your doing ok and your time is dwindling down. I'm checking on you everynight. Waiting til the day u get home to your wife and kids. I missed the eyes wide open boots exhibit (the traveling exhibit of boots of soldiers killed in Iraq). They cancelled it due to rain and it was the only one near me. I really, really wanted to go. I will still honor all those lives lost in my own way. Keep yourself safe and when you get home fight for peace. Thanks Zach.
Margie from New York

Anonymous said...

Take care, Zach,

St├ęphane, from France

Charles said...

A small town in Pennsylvania mourns for Ohio Marines killed in Iraq
For 20 Ohio Marines
[A Tribute from Butler, Pa.]

Did you feel the wave of sympathy
surging across the Pennsylvania line
and out to you,
the families left behind?

We know.
For we saw your boys
here among ours,
in our streets jogging,
in cars, in shopping malls,
in our churches, at picnics,
and High School proms,
and not too long ago
on the Fourth
as lads on Main Street
watching soldiers pass,
and even then they straightened
when the flag unfurled.

We saw them at gates
embracing parents
wives and families,
grandparents too
and friends who couldn't let go—
turning then to leave
with head held high,
yet looking back
at the ramp,
one last time.

Twenty, they reported, had fallen—
snatched from us, from us now so far.
We weep with you.
For yours are ours.

Anonymous said...

I do believe you're there with Kate DeLorme. Hope you have a safe journey home. Keep doing great things :) ALMOST HOME!!!