Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jake and Benni

Jake and Benni
Originally uploaded by nevadog.


judi said...

Zachary you have a beautiful family and I'm happy that you've made it back to them.
Peace, from a mom

jarvenpa said...

I love the smile on your son's face in the photo below this one--and this one is such a nice picture. Great dog! I'm glad you are home.

Peter Steinauer said...

What a great picture... (Had a puppy just like that when I was a kid ;))..

Welcome home man!

Anonymous said...

so serene

Beverly said...

Hi Zach

Beautiful dog!
What breed is he?


"My Opinions Are Politically Warped" said...

Just stopping by and taking a peek. Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Vets running for congress:

* Bill Winter (CO-06)
* Tim Dunn (NC-08)
* Charles Brown (CA-04)
* Eric Massa (NY-29)
* Dave Harris (TX-06)
* Andrew Duck (MD-06)
* Patrick Murphy (PA-08)
* Paul Hackett (OH-Sen)
* Bryan Lentz (PA-07)
* David Ashe (VA-02
* Tammy Duckworth {Ill-06}

Duckworth lost both legs when an R P G hit the blister of her Blackhawk. How will Karl Rove attack these vets ? Will they question Tammy's Purple Heart too ?