Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day Four Across the United States (blogging from Oklahoma right now)

So we are on day four of our trip and so far we have had a lot of fun. National parks have been our lifeline during our travels because of my dog Benny. You may be asking how my luck is holding out on this trip, well if you are asking, the answer is that it hasn't been holding out at all. Today I almost wrecked my van when a tire blew off of my vehicle... Let me explain a little better, I was driving to Oklahoma City when I felt something explode on the rear of the van, the tire didn't pop, but somehow the tread on the tire blew off of it and it looked like I was driving on a balloon tire all of a sudden.

I had to slow down to 20 miles an hour and limp into the nearest tire center which happened to be Walmart. All in all it the price of the new tire was a few dollars shy of 100 so that was an unexpected expense (especially when gas is so high as well).

Something else I would like to explain is about my home and job. I have neither as of yet, but it isn't for lack of trying. I have gone to job fairs, posted my resume all over the net (ie., usajobs, hotjobs, etc). I am willing to relocate anywhere in the US or Europe and yet I still can't seem to find work. Something I have to admit is that I have been putting off telling you all about that because it is something I am embarrassed by. My other friends who have left the military have all found work or perused school and I have yet to become a productive member of society. Another thing is that school begins in August for both my children and we still don't know where we will live or if I will even have a job by then (knocking on wood right now). That is enough of my pity party, I just thought I should be honest with those of you who have been so loyal to me during my deployment to Iraq, my homecoming, and my exodus from the US Army.

Take care

Zachary Scott-Singley


Anonymous said...

Well good luck on the job. Too bad about the tire blowing. I hope things start looking up and your trip turns out better. Hopefully we can look forward to reading your blog and updates more often. I check quite frequently, and hopoe to see something. Take care.

Jana Lane said...

Sorry to hear about the tire. Believe it or not this is one of the experiences your children will remember and tell their friends and their own children about.
On getting a job: most people in this job market don't find a job just by searching alone. Have you made connections with any groups for information about the job market in the areas you are most interested in? There are counseling and information groups that can give you support and help.
Never be embarrased about difficulty finding a job. Despite what you read in the papers this is a very tough economy and many recent college graduates are having a hard time.
I am suggesting this with some hesitation, but have you considered teaching? The pay is not great, and the working conditions are often not great, but it offers some satisfactions that nothing else does. I am a retired teacher and I did other things before coming back to teaching as, essentially, a middle aged beginner. In teaching you see student creativity and growth every day. American kids do offer hope for the future, no matter what you might have read. I can certainly see you as a history or journalism teacher. I hoope you won't rule it out without considering it.
Meanwhile, have a great trip. Enjopy your family every day. I know you do.

Ingrid said...

Are you swinging by California at all?? Let me know! :D

Kristen said...

Zach, call me. I have cards from a few job fairs from contractors out of Virginia/DC area practically begging for Arabic Linguists. They are so desperate for translators they are willing to contract me out to work from home translating documents. Titan also has a few openings for contractors in Augusta. One of my old Army buddies just got a job with them at Fort Gordon. There are also a few companies in the Augusta area that can give you decent pay because you still have a clearance. I can get you the information if you would like? Oh, and tell Tara to call me.

Halla said...

Hi Zach, As follower of your blog in the past, am glad you are back blogging.
As for the trip, I think every trip has some misadventure. I remember driving thru Mississippi with some of the worst interstate ever and losing our shocks on the van, felt like we were riding a horse. Enjoy it while the kids are little.
As for the job situation, you are not alone but you have multiple talents for writing and being a linguist, you should call Kristen above and see if she can help. Sometimes all you need is just a little help and connections help.
Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
bytw, thanx to your blog I have become addicted to reading others. You were the first one. I have been reading another one from Iraq that you might be interested in, a locals perspective:

reborn said...

It pisses me off that you're out of work, while the Administration's fatcats have money to burn in their bank accounts. One would think that upon return you'd have plenty of jobs to pick from. Things will turn for the better for you and your family, probably sooner than you'd expect. Don't give up. Keep writing.

Sam said...

Hi. I am from the UK and have recently come across your blog. Sorry I can't help practically with the job hunt, but I really wanted to say that you are a really talented and thoughtful writer and also have a real good eye for pictures. Clearly you are a creative person and will be suited to a job that utilises that creativity. I would second that teaching suggestion made by Jana Lane. I am a youth worker and would say the same applies; ie pay is not great, but its challenging and satisfying. In the long run, you really ought to expand this blog into a book.

I wish you the best of luck.

Kate said...

Don't be embarrassed, Zach. It's okay to take some time to figure things out, get back tight with your family, and blow a tire or two on the mean highways of OK.

I know how stressful it is to look for work. Hang in there. Something will turn up. I hope you're still able to find time (and energy) to write. Have you thought about going back to school, or is that not an option right now? You're a wonderful writer and I know you have TONS to write about.

Have a safe trip -- and a fun one too.

Take care

Anonymous said...


that's crazy.

u can speak arabic..why don't u try Dubai then. don't worry, they have pubs and disco there.

Marty said...

You and your family are in my prayers.

Rosario M. Nelson said...

You definitely have a gift, and I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I, too, rarely read blogs, but I have followed yours. Will keep you and your family and your home and job search in my prayers. I do see a great book from you in all of this. I have passed your blog to many others.
My idea to you is to go into the medical field (said the RN that I am....), as this field is in great need and you can do it anywhere. But I keep seeing you as a writer....
Peace and Best Wishes,
Rosario M. Nelson