Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Life in Oregon

So I must write I tell myself, everyday again like I did before. Who knows what may come of it. One thing that alarms me is my lack of a job, and the fact that I have a hell of a time living with my mother (like I am back in high school or something). Having gone form completely self sufficient with money, home, and family to this is rather depressing. What may come of it? I do not know but we shall hopefully begin (yeah, I said it would begin when I left the army but I am in some kind of hellish limbo) the next chapter of our lives.

Why must it always be like this? Where are the easy breaks and the fame and fortune we always know we will have when we are young? Remember when you could be anything you wanted to be? Yeah… it doesn’t really work that way does it? So here I am sitting alone right now musing upon what could have been and what will become. If I were to list all that I have done I believe it would be more than most yet that same “most” has jobs and I do not. You know what they say though, that going to war gives you great people skills (they don’t really say that, I just made that up).

Failure is something relative I believe, others may see the world crumbling around you and yet you don’t admit defeat. Other times you may be on top of your game and things are falling into place and you find yourself thinking you are at rock bottom. It’s funny how life works. Out of all the things my parents ever told me the truest of them all is that “life isn’t fair.” That goes double some days. So I am glad you have come to join me in my writings and we shall see if perhaps they are some sort of ship to be cast off and on them I will be able to sail to far away lands (or perhaps just to sail to a job).

Fair thee well,

Zachary Scott-Singley


Marty said...

You are in my prayers. This, too, shall pass. Hang in there.

Jana Lane said...

It is extremely important not to become isolated in a situation like the one you are in now. Getting coaching from someone experienced with working with people in transition -as you are- can be very helpful. A coach can help you avoid running out of ideas and offer feedback as you go through interviews and other experiences in a job search. Being with other people in your situation can be helpful sometimes. Take encouragement from anywhere you get it. For instance, from people like me. Don't lose heart, your search will pay off.

Derek said...

Dude I just started reading your blog and I gotta say man I agree with you on alot of things. I've been where you are now and it sucks but my motivation was my family. You'll get something hell there has to be work out there for someone that speaks Arabic even if it's not what you want to do good luck man

Halla said...

Take care Zach, I know it feels like you are going backwards here. but use the opportunity to save (when you get a job). Can you go to school on a GI Bill? might as well take adavantage of little bills right now.