Sunday, November 12, 2006

About me

Here is a small thing I wrote jokingly about myself for my college sociology course.

One of the subcultures to which I belong is that of the nerd. We talk of technology in revered tones, dreaming of Xbox 360s, ipods, and computers like children dream of sugar plumb ferries at Christmas time. We have our own jargon and inside jokes which our non-nerd friends simply just don’t understand. MMORPGs and comic books are things of wonder and yet we share so much with the mainstream culture in which we exist.

Of course we must drive (though many of us think to drive anything but a hybrid is silly) like the rest of society; music, cell phones, beer, and bills are but a few of the endless aspects of our lives. I for one like to stay in shape with weight lifting and of course who could not like rock and roll? Thus we coexist as a part of the greater society which makes us human.