Monday, December 18, 2006

Memories of Mine

Create a wonderful time for others and they will remember who you were.  The most pleasant and unpleasant memories are the ones which get saved in your brain.  Replaying over and over again throughout your life.  Listen and you will find that silence is sometimes the scariest thing there is.  You need noise, commotion, and people to feel safe, yet at the same time you crave that silence.  Lurking within silence is our own doubts which so often creep out to rear their heads upon the blank sheets of our mental music we create each day.

Let your doubts come out but don’t grab them and hold them close for if you do they find a way of sticking their barbs into you and grabbing hold.  After that you will spend your remaining days with those feelings of underachievement and doubt, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Take maters into your own hands and create the life you want.  Time heals all wounds, but often there just isn’t enough time…


Snag said...

A co-worker handed me a book to check out when I get a chance.
I was pleased to tell her I was familiar with one of the authors.

You've struck upon a key there...just as doubt can become reality so to can assertion. All of reality is out there, we just see what we allow ourselves to see.
Of course it's all easier said than done.
If interested, I'd recommend Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

Glad to see you and the family look well.

Alan said...

You need to read the book that is quite relevant to the Iraq situation, written by an Iraqi Veteran, Paul Rieckhoff. The name of the book is "Chasing Ghosts." Although I don't necessarily agree with his opinions, I still have much respect for his work. He is also the National President of IAVA, and acronym for "Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association."