Sunday, March 04, 2007

Come Join Me

Over at a site called Ning you can join me (it is like myspace but without all the stupid kiddie sparkle crap). I will keep writing here but if you like you can visit me or even become a member with me on Ning:


Cazzie!!! said...

First time to visit your blog, I have looked back a few posts and will continue to come and read, if you don't mind.
I made a very important entry on my site the other day, people from all over the globe learnt a few things, and quite a few of them thanked me for remembering those that served before us to make it a free place to live here in Australia. If you have the time to read it then that'd be great.
I love the pics of your family, having 4 kids myself I know how much they mean to us all. Keeping them safe is paramount isn't it?

Anonymous said...
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