Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Credit Card Fraud

I recently noticed a charge on my debit card from a company titled (on my debit card statement) WLI*SHOPPERDISCO

I did some research on the internet and found that this is a GIANT fraud The following companies are but a few of the online companies which give your credit card info out to that company which begins charging a small amount (in my case 9 dollars) so you don't even notice it. When I called my bank after seeing this charge for today and knowing I didn't even use my debit card all day long they sent it to the fraud investigation team. Here is a website which gives more information. I am blogging this to inform any of my readers that they may want to look at their credit card statements and see if they have had this same thing happen to them.

Here are the web pages which can give you more information about this scam:

Here is a partial list of online companies which actively participate in the scam:
Academy of Dermatology Website
CHOICEHOTELS.COM -- using the Coke $10 discount
MOVIETICKETS.COM one we were personally stung by


Anonymous said...

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C. Nelson said...

I am reading your blog for a little while. I may show it in a staff meeting I am conducting Monday for teachers. It seems interesting.

Alex said...

This JUST happened to me! A $600+ charge to, and another to Google!

Eastmancolour said...


I was just reading some of your blog posts in "The best American non-required reading 2006", and it's very touching.

I thought for someone like me - it was ok to be tired of thought of supporting or opposing war...any war!
But then I realized... there are those who don't even have that luxury.

There's hope till there are people who feel.

And you write good too!

VJJ said...

Early in May I discovered $750 in charges made to my debt card from that I didn't make. Had my bank immediately stop payment on it before it was shipped.

Just today there was charges made to something technologies & some Bed & Bath company.

But it all started with Tigerdirect. Never had a problem before. Had to cancel my card.

After reading this in light of what has happened I may never shop at tigerdirect again.

Emma said...

hi, just read your blog. very interesting because I had a charge on my debit card from WLI but the second part was something else like RewardsShopper! I called the company direct and they said they would cancel my "membership" and refund the $10 they charged- you shoudl add to your wall of shame, that's where I was shopping when my card information was given out!

Anonymous said...

Not All Sites on this list are bad some just slack on security other people just get " Phished" but i have been shopping at , , , , , , , .

so before you blindly call something a scam or fraud investigate it a little call around call the ftc and bbb you might actually learn something be offended or not i dont care im just sick of ignorant people spreading theyre ignorance.

dont know what it is google it

American Woman said...

In all due respect, whether they are good sites or not. The good sites should have IT that are on top of security protecting their shoppers, given the fact that they are given individuals account #'s or Credit card numbers, at all costs. Banks, most Big web sites have a IT department of Security people that do this all day long. Then you have sites that sell to 3rd parties their personal information which should not include secure information. However, this is happening it should be taken care of immediately. If putting up the names that have had this happen helps protect consumers, so be it.

Webloyalty Customer Service said...

Dear Bloggers: protects its reputation and monitors the blogosphere to insure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate. Through this monitoring, we found this blog and your comments regarding Shopper Discounts and Rewards.

We would like to speak with you directly but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Shopper Discount and Rewards please contact Customer Service at either 1-800-732-7031 or send an email message to We will be happy to help you.

Webloyalty Customer Service Shopper Discounts and Rewards

CreditGuy said...

A friend of mine has just told me the same case. He noticed a $400+ charge to He was shocked. There was nothing like this! He hadn’t been using his card for a long time, really. Why cannot anybody stop such a fraud??

Anonymous said...

i saw the list and thats funny that he has lane bryant up there and because i have shopped at both places on line for years, but never had a problem with a hidden fee coming up from shopper discount until i bought a converter from tiger direct last month and just got the hidden charge last week.

Anonymous said...

i just posted the last anonymous comment and i can see why he had lane bryant up there, however the soldier who posted this should know that the lane bryant catalog is separate from the lane bryant company and the catalog lost the right to use the lane bryant name and now the catalog is known as the woman within.

Anonymous said...

Just after a first-time purchase on, then $300 of charges from appeared on my card. I phoned and emailed about the suspected leak but they have never bothered to answer. My credit card company is investigating these fraudulent charges but the hassles of having a cancelled card are infuriating.

John said...

Credit card companies profit most from consumers who are in need of Business credit cards.

Webloyalty Consumer Affairs said...

Dear Bloggers: protects its reputation and monitors the blogosphere to insure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate. Through this monitoring, we found this blog with your comments about our membership program, Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

We would like to speak to you directly but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions about your Shopper Discount & Rewards membership, please contact Webloyalty Customer Service at 1-800-889-8776 or send an email to We will be happy to assist you.

Mary O’Reilly
Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
Shopper Discounts & Rewards

Opra said...

You see, having credit cards is a great responsibility... So, if you have plastics, check your credit card statements carefully to avoid different problems:)

ASAP Credit Card said...

First of all... let me say thank you for all you do - and all you've done! It's greatly appreciated!

Anyways... I'm hoping we can get your feedback. We recently started a poll on the Worst / Best Credit Card Issuers. We'd love to get your opinion. Sounds like you've got plenty of experience ;)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... somehow manage to scam my credit card info to "Shopper Discounts & Rewards"... $12 month without my authorization. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

We can also contact the principles of the company directly. Here are some contact email addresses.

Richard Fernandez - Vincent D’Agostino - Gary Cacace - Eli Chalfin - Martin Child - Matt Gilbert - Martin Isaac - Jeffrey Kendall - Sloane Levy - David Lynch -

Pass it on.

Anonymous said...

First issue, If this person/company did not scam you, how did you find this blog?

I think the web loyalty people are great big bags of poo.
If someone took 10 bucks a month from you, and signed you up for an anonymous program that has 0 benefits of being part of... Would you think theif or legit?

Anonymous said...

The what, why, when and how of credit crisis and all its related information is available here for your viewing. We've done a lot of hard work putting it all together, and we hope you find it valuable.

Anonymous said...

Did any of the complainers here bother to read the Terms of Service when they clicked on the popup offering a discount on their next purchase? I did and in there found the information about what I was signing up for. The monthly charge was clearly listed as was the number to call and cancel before any charges were incurred. Try to exercise a little more caution when you click on anything on the web pages you go to. It isn't a scam or fraud simply because you didn't bother to read the fine print.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to admit that my wife and I were scammed by this fraudulent company...Shopper Discounts & Rewards. Yes, I must have agreed to their fine print, but did not realize until 14 months later that I was being billed $9.99 monthly! That amount was just under our radar! Finally, while checking to make sure I received a refund on my credit card account, I noticed their charge. My wife asked me who they were - I had no idea. After a quick search on the internet, I saw dozens, perhaps hundreds of complaints similar to mine. I don't claim to be the brightest crayon in the box, but I do have a Master's Degree and didn't believe I'd ever fall for something like this! I did feel stupid for (1) getting caught in their web and (2) not noticing for 14 months! Unbelievable!! The only good news is that I looked up their number and called to complain. They refunded me ALL of my money, seemingly without any concern. I figure they don't want or need any publicity while they kick back and rake in other people's money. They must do something, but I bet few people use their "product" (whatever it is) and mostly they just legally pull money out of other people's credit card accounts every month! Now, I see that after every transaction I have on PayPal (owned by eBay!), I am automatically directed to "Shopper Discounts & Rewards"!!!! I have written to PayPal and filed a complaint, but as of 12/27/08, they are still associating with them! Shamefull!!!!!!!! I hope more people contact PayPal to complain. I thought they were above being associated with scam artists!!!

Anonymous said...

WATCH OUT!!! I bought something from and saw that "Do you want a $10 coupon"...I thought, what the heck I will see what it is all about. So I clicked yes, and entered an e-mail...not the same e-mail I use with fake one I made for BS like this...the next thing I know I get a random $12 charge on my credit card A MONTH LATER.

I complained to, stating that this is an underhanded means of doing business.

This is what had to say:

"When you completed one of your previous orders, you were offered the chance to instantly receive an additional ?$10 off of your next order? by signing up with a third party, preferred partner promotion called Reservation Rewards. In order to sign up for this promotion, you were prompted and entered your email address in two different fields, and then clicked the ?Yes-Click here now? button. By doing this, as stated on the web page, you agreed to allow to securely transfer your name, address, e-mail address, and credit or debit card information to Reservation Rewards."

Note that nowhere does it say that the promotion will cost you $12 per month...and all you have to do is enter your e-mail address and will sell you out and do the rest!!!

BE CAREFUL...this was total trickery and I told that they lost a customer for giving my information away!!!

Anonymous said...

YES. That's really BS!!! I have been charged $12 for 4 months...I didn't realize because the transactions were hidden in your statement......We need to tell more people or post this on more websites to avoid more people stolen money from those stuipd companies...

Anonymous said...

Helloy my friend, I am a soldier serving in the Army and I've been gone on active military duty for the past 5 months. I came back and looked at my bank account, apparently they've been charging the crap out of my card as well. I'm looking at $600 in charges that this company has put on my card (which I just got cut today). Lets hope my bank will do something about this because I'm not paying it.

Anonymous said...

Also I had this happen from

shell said...


I just found out I was charged $12 over a 6month period from Shopper Discounts. So I called them and canceled my membership and asked for the full 6month period refund which they said they would in 3-5 days through confirmation email.

BUT, DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THESE PEOPLE DO ACTUALLY GIVE YOU THE REFUND? IS IT BACK TO THE ACCOUNT? That must mean they still have my credit card information, so I should cancel the account?