Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Soldier at Heart

I am a soldier still at heart, I may not look it any longer but I will never forget those I served with. Here is me a year after being honorably discharged (well it was a year on 30 April 2007).

Take care,

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fjb said...

I think that goes without saying, Zach. My dad was a sailor until he passed away, almost 40 years after his war was over.
BTW, beautiful kids and a very cute ferret you have there.

Mike Crichton said...

Zack, you look like you should be out sodomizing grizzly bears. Barring that, you could sign my Legoland Needs Women! petition.

Nuno said...

It is disgraceful that real soldiers are forced into dishonorable wars by criminal politicians. A soldiers sacrifice is too sacred to be wasted in ventures like the Iraqi war. Pity we no longer live in Roman times, when soldiers disposed of insane emperors...

Anonymous said...

You still look like a soldier in your eyes. Those eyes that have seen battle and suffering,pain and death, violence and fear. You have the eyes of an old soul, dear friend.
Kate MacKay

thebadpoet said...

I just came across your portfolio while browsing, but I too was once an infantry soldier (In the gulf War with Aco 3/327th Infantry). Thank you for serving.