Monday, October 29, 2007

My Movie Idea

Let’s go into the future ok? I’ll go and get my time lazor and shoot you into 2035, it’ll be awesome!

Ok, stand there by that tree while I arm the time lazor with time bullets. Here we go!!!


Ok, now I’ll shoot myself into the future with my time lazor, I use my last time bullet and Kapow! I am in the future as well.

Wow this is awesome. Everyone here has hypercolor shirts and wears slap bracelets just like when I was growing up in the 80’s. Cool, 2035 is like 1985 but radder!

Look over there! They cloned unicorns with wings and use them as transportation instead of cars.

Let’s go ride ours over that rainbow off into the universe!

The end.

This would be my movie if I were a director…


Agent Case said...

Wow. um, Interesting, definitely interesting. I would probably die if the future was your's to command... =P Were you perhaps tired? I found your blog by a link on Sunshine's.

Zach Attack said...

I was not tired, but I was thinking about movies like Napoleon Dynamite and the Bench-warmers and feeling a bit silly.

jarvenpa said...

I like the unicorns, personally.

And your post about your Personality Test--wow. You are such a strong writer, Zach; I have admired that about you for a long while.

fjb said...

As long as the unicorns are pink, you may have a hit, here.;)

Agent Case said...

You sound like my 17 year old bro after being with his boy scout troop and drinking mountain dew after dew...he.