Sunday, December 09, 2007

Merry Christmas From Florida!

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ceebee said...

hey zach and family! what a pretty picture. Happy Holidays to all of you! God bless :) -ceebee

Scott from mpls said...

Dude, I am so stoked you are doing well! Nice photo of you and your family!! I used to read your blog a long time ago and have forgeten to check your blog. Well I am at home and there was your link so I clicked on it. I am happy to see your blog is still up and running and that you are taking the time to keep at it!! Well, I am just so happy that you are here on our soil and back with your loved ones! Merry Christmas and thanks for what you have done for our country! Many blessings! Scott Savage
Minneapolis, MN

Mike Chrichton said...

Hey, Zachy-wacky, Remember how I mocked you roundly for spending so much on those diamonds for your wife, when synthetics were about to get so much cheaper? Well, consider yourself mocked again: . Merry Christmas, sucka! ;-)

jarvenpa said...

beautiful family! You look healthy and happy, and that makes me happy.
May it be a wonderful new year for you and those you love.