Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

On the crisp blades of drying grass she sat. Her hair short and beautiful, eyes hazel and hips perfect and full. She sat there, smiling at me. At least I think it was at me... I looked around, it was at me! What do I do now? She is so pretty, I am so nervous. Before I can even think I realize that my feet are carrying me over to her and suddenly I am standing in front of her grinning, I'm sure, like a fool.

"Hi," I say, "my name is Zach."
"Hey, I'm Tara."

Her voice has that perfect southern bell ring to it that I find so sexy. Part of me wants to run; she is just so beautiful and confident. Not often do the girls flash me those full lipped smiles. Trying to think, I blurt out the first think on my mind.

"Sometimes I think that Kung Foo fights really do just break out of nowhere, like with ninja's and everything." Holy Shit! Did I just say that? What the hell was I thinking? She will think I'm a total freak...

Tara begins giggling, no not giggling, but laughing. Laughing from her belly like I told her one of the funniest things ever.

She is laughing at me. I weakly smile at her and turn to go.

"No, don't go, I'm not laughing at'cha," she drawls, "it was just, you are so silly. Want to go to lunch?"

Did she just ask me to lunch?

"Sure," I answer.

Later I find myself at Wendy’s and all I can think about is how much I like her. Unfortunately, like most times when I like a girl my brain shuts down and I begin to spout stupid like I'm Old Faithful. I make fun of her accent and keep poking jokingly until I can tell she is getting annoyed.

Ya know what? I married her. We have our own kids now, our own house... That stupid o'l guy was me and that beautiful girl is my wife. Stranger things have happened, I know, but I honestly don't deserve such a lovely, sexy, and wonderful girl. But hey, I got her and I won't be letting go any time soon. You see, I love her and want her Valentines Day to be wonderful.


cat said...

Funny story!
When my parents met, my dad was introduced to my mom as "one of those older, geeky engineers". hehe! Happy Valentine's Day, and wish mama one for me too.

Diana Joy said...

I love it!!!
Diana Joy

manda said...'re an amazing writer, and pretty attractive:)

Mike Crichton said...

Hey, Zacky-wacky... remember back when you bought those ridiculously overpriced diamonds for that woman who's too good for you, and I taunted you for it, saying within a few years you'd be able to get perfect synthetic diamonds for a fraction of the price? Just thought I'd rub it in. >:-)