Monday, November 24, 2008

An email from a friend at IAVA

Hey Zach---

I'm so sorry about your bike---at least you weren't hurt i guess? I can barely drive a car so I don't totally understand the appeal of motercycles---but I do know how much it sucks to break or lose something right when you get it.---a lot.

Anyway, I’m sure you've probably already heard a little about the PSA campaign that IAVA in partnership with the Ad Council launched last week targeted toward veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan but I wanted to give you a little more information that I wasn't sure you had.

The social network, is based upon the understanding that readjustment challenges of combat stress may compound the many other challenges servicemen and women face when they return to civilian life. Its also based on the reality that many times, the only other person who understands that experience and can help with readjustment and, if necessary, recommend mental health services, is another veteran. As you probably know, here in the states, that’s less than 1% of the population, so finding that person can be another hurdle to be overcome.

As a result, the public service advertising campaign and social network were born. The advertising aims to encourage veterans to join the online community (the first and only of its kind) that’s exclusive to veterans of these wars, to help them connect to each other. Like with military blogs---the social networking site provides a place to talk about an experience that is so unique.

Veterans can go to to join.
You can check out (embeddable) video of the TV advertisements here:

Which brings me to another unique population (one that I am a part of, actually—in my personal life I’m a proud sister of a Marine veteran of the war in Iraq) whose involvement is critical to a vet’s mental health. Families and friends: those of us who want to help our loved ones but are unsure how to get the conversation started about this sensitive issue. These loved-ones play a more important role than they may realize, but it can be difficult. For them, a second website will be launched this month at where they can learn more about how to talk to the veteran in their life about the readjustment challenges he or she may be facing, as well as to find information about helpful resources.

If you have a moment, I’d very much like to hear what you think or if there’s any more information about this campaign that you’d like.

All my very best,


PS- A belated Happy Veterans Day and very large Thank You for your service.

On behalf of IAVA in partnership with the Ad Council

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Gary Baumgarten said...

The IAVA's Tom Tarantino will be my guest on News Talk Online on at 5 PM New York time Thursday Dec. 3 to talk about the high divorce rates among returning combat vets.

Please go to and click on the Join The Show room to talk to him.