Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some late pics from Halloween

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Anonymous said...

Writing words exhaust me sometimes. Does that make sense? Still, there is something I would like to tell you so it seems worth the effort. Until now, I never knew what was cool about you. You were lovable and always seemed calm in the face of everyone's utter frustration with you.

But then one day, I saw you in action and I acquired a new found respect for you. You were AWESOME. Smart, nice and down to earth. You are amazing and most of all you are logical and direct not at all full of drama or weirdness. So great!

It's weird when someone becomes real in this way, but also exciting. Like realizing the cute girl farts too, but in reverse - it was like realizing (well this sounds kind of bad) that your dog, (who you always thought was cute and nice and everything) can talk! And not only talk but teach quantum physics or something! You rock and its awesome to see you doing something you care about and are really good at.

Kudos on all your hard work.