Saturday, February 07, 2009

I can admit when I'm wrong

Ok, so maybe the mutton chops were not the best idea, maybe they were fever induced and lame, regardless of what they were I had a tough time taking my face seriously, so they HAD to go. Here is me now.


AirmanMom said...

Nice, very nice!


harry-v said...

mischievous grin lol

Halla said...

Much Better!

Anonymous said...

Funny title...'Cause it really seems like you never do! And as if you haven't already asked for enough sympathy--when really you should take some responsibility--do you really need a DONATE button?

You're probably not even man enough to leave this comment up so as to not spoil your pathetic image you've worked so hard to "create"...we don't all believe in it though, FYI. Some people can see right through you. Sad how you need attention so badly, you'll even take the negative bits to satisfy your super ego. Grow up, man! And be honest with yourself!

Beware, readers of Zachary, it isn't all he makes it sound to be!