Friday, February 27, 2009

New haircut


Anonymous said...

Precious, just precious buckwheat. Want my shirt back too.

Anonymous said...

Uh...I've already commented on your FB page about this calamity.
Stop trying to convince me you need to be locked up and go write a fucking book ya goofball.
Throw away that Flowbee before you hurt yourself & don't you dare go near the children with it!

New sister's twat. (and I ain't even got a sister)

griffin2002 said...

Not bad...

Anonymous said...

You clean up nice! Come on Jerry now we can see that good looking mug!

Anonymous said...

usted es muy guapo ;)

Anonymous said...

You think you're so slick. You changed the photo for this string you Mook.

OK it doesn't look like the Barber was on an acid trip in this shop.

Stop smirking.

I hope you bothered to go to the KTLK-LA AM Site:
& downloaded the FRANGELA podcast of 03-01-09 as someone got them to pay a public belated birthday tribute to you in the first minute of the show...which is one of the funniest on the air btw.

Consider that your first Public relations appearance. Where's my 10%?