Sunday, March 08, 2009

Girls have it bad

I'm only smiling on the outside because I could barely breath on the inside. Ladies... I have no idea how you wear this all day long.

Posted by ShoZu


B said...

And why can I ask did you have this corset on?? You still manage to look very attractive in it though I must say! ;)

Jerry Tuccillo said...

Well, it's taken my attention off of the haircut. I'll give you that but please don't take up crossdressing as I'm afraid you'll be the ugliest woman I've ever seen and I say that with love.

Maybe a tweed vest from a men's store next time.


preciousad said...

It's a better fit on a female so it's not as constricting. I so look better in this by the way.:) It was your broad, manly chest that made it so uncomfortable for you I'm sure. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Getting ready for "manlove thursday" with the booger eaters I see. & I still want my shirt back brother, with the corset on it looks like bewbies pokin out on top. & if you have any urges to try a pair of fishnet stockings & high heels call me & we will do an intervention on your ass [omg the mental image is burned in now]. Good to see u out & about having fun with the chitlings.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Leave it up to your shy personality to let someone strap you into one of those contraptions, which I as a female would never let happen, and then snap pictures! So did you buy it to wear to work underneath your work attire?

Anonymous said...

H-O-T So you gonna have that on this weekend?

Anonymous said...

You will fit in great when you get your butt up to me in Van :)