Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My day

31 March 2009

I'm tired today, my legs are sore and I have been rather stressed lately. I'm doing well though, I have my children and I have a job and that is more than some people have these days with the rate of layoffs occurring in our economy.

So being grateful... I am grateful. My son is sitting next to me as I type and I am glad to be able to hug him and have him near. My daughter is in her gymnastics class and doing well. I really have no complaints. The drama about the guy who attempted to use my blog to meet women has died down (or so it seems to me) and for that I'm glad.

I should do some more videos for all of you as well as begin writing on that novel; or starting a new one until I can decide what to do with the story on the one I posted. One last thing, I realized recently that I have been over-using the word douche (as in that car is douche, or that guy is a douche bag), in doing that (over-using this word) I in fact have been sounding like a douche.

That is about it for me right now. I will begin work at once on my writing again and until next time, take care.


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Anonymous said...

my name is Henry Gonzales and just starting this site . been inb the military from 1976 to may 2008 first the Marines ( simper fi) then Nalt Guard 1979 to present. I have seen and been thru alot of changes while serving, and proud of my accomplishments I achive while in Iraq,riots,earthquake,floods, and fires.the changes the Nalt Guard has been in.so if anyone wants to talk or weite me , I will respond to them.