Friday, March 13, 2009

Piece of Crap

So this douche bag has been using me and my information to use women. In case you are a woman who is being used by someone who you think is me, you need to know that I am NOT dating anyone. So any of you who follow my blog and are receiving emails from some Zach it is NOT me. I am so sorry that this guy has hurt anyone using my name. I haven't been that hurt, just kind of lied about and used, but for those who feel crushed by this person who uses other people's information to build a web of lies, you have been very hurt and for that I am sorry.

Crush this ass hole, if you know how to destroy this man's info online or find out who he really is (yeah, I want his address, phone number, and any other personal details you can get on him), I have someone who is going to get his IP and other computer related info to make this guy FRY!!!!

He was even in contact with my ex and my sister trying to get information from them about me to keep his lies going. I will post what I known about this guy without giving any information about those who were hurt by him.

This guy even pretended to be married and have a kid who followed my blog, he emailed me and asked me to make some video to show his son on his birthday. I did not respond to that, but he didn't have any kids, that child (who apparently also grew attached to this guy who was using my name and info) was the child of one of the woman who he hurt and lied to.

INFO on this douche that I know:
His email is listed as:
Padraig O'Brien-


mark richardson

harry van houten

jack oniell

Another woman also was hurt by this lying ass hole. He “came clean” and said he was a lawyer and that he had watched his child die so that is why he lies to women... Here is the chat after he told her he wasn't me (zach), and in case you can't guess he is the guy named patrick_m:

****** I guess I am not going to get the answers I need huh

patrick_m: yes you can

****** why did u do it

patrick_m: because i needed an escape

****** Where u trying to hurt this guy Zach

patrick_m: no i dont even know himA

****** or did u just want to hurt me

****** so why not escape as urself

patrick_m: no i didnt want htat

****** well u did

****** you played me for a fool

****** and I played right into u

patrick_m: im sorry

****** I am so fucking stupid

patrick_m: no you arent

****** god

****** how did u get this Zach's info

patrick_m: his blog

****** I mean god u fucked with me and this poor guy

patrick_m: i went to alot of work

****** yeah I guess u did

****** fucked with 2 peoples lives

****** god is ur life that bad u have to messes with other peoples

patrick_m: sometimes it is

patrick_m: sometimes when i think about my daughter that we watched die

****** that sad

****** but what u did to me an Zach was way out of line

****** and ur a lawyer

patrick_m: i know

****** god u should know better

patrick_m: i know

****** everyone has ups and downs in there life

****** this poor guy Zach went thur alot worse then u did

****** and u fuck with his life

****** and then me

****** do u get a kick out of hurting people

patrick_m: no

patrick_m: i dont

****** seems to me you do

patrick_m: well i dont

****** I just cant believe how stupid I am

patrick_m: you're not stupid

****** yeah I am

****** I feel for ur shit

****** well I wont do that again

****** an all u have to say is ur sorry an that you know

****** that his such bull shit

****** you have no idea how much pain and hurt u caused me

patrick_m: im so sorry!

****** dont tell me that

****** u get a thrill off this shit

patrick_m: no i dont!

****** ur like a drug addack u have to get ur fix

****** and u get ur high off fucking with peoples lives

patrick_m: no i dont

****** I am so done

****** please dont ever and I mean ever talk to me again


Anonymous said...

Well that's sorta creepy. Isn't identity theft a crime of some sort? Course he's probably lying about being a lawyer too. Hope u track him down....& kick his ass back under a rock.

AirmanMom said...

Good luck! I agree with flynavy, it is creepy!

Bag Blog said...

Something similar happened to Jake, a Marine with two deployments under his belt. Read Jake's blog and his identity theft here

Halla said...

That is just so wrong! Go get him Zack!

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong or a taste of karma? How many women do you have on the line now?

Anonymous said...

I have been used by this man.... or 17 year old boy. I have his name age and where he live(if it is the truth..... i have no idea what to do next... so if you would like to email me my address is and i will give you all the information i have so this kid can get caught.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I feel so sorry for the woman who was tricked! I would hunt him down and kick his ungrateful butt to Antarctica and back.