Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chevelle Experience

Snaking out of the shadows we swerved into the lane intended for the final destination. The House of Blues. We were here to see the rock concert Chevelle. It was amazing. I had not been to a rock concert since high school and I was floored. The crowd developed into a single entity as we screamed, danced, and pressed into one another along with the rhythm of the music. Behind me people were ripping off their shirts and slamming into each other in collisions which exploded with sweat. Nobody was angry however, and when I looked at those slamming into one another, they were smiling. The minute someone fell on the ground two or three people were there picking the person up so they could continue rocking out.

As the evening continued I found myself drawn into the frenzy of excitement as the band everyone had been waiting for began their first set. It was amazing just how close everyone was and how I no longer had my individually, but rather, I was a part of the entity that was the crowd. We were like the ocean, swaying and rocking against one another with huge smiles and sharing sweat as we pumped our hands in the air to the beat of the music.

It became hard to think for one’s self as the energy of the crowd intensified with the next couple of songs, and as the crowd’s crescendo of rocking continued you became one with the show. The beat of the music and the thrashing guitar became your heartbeat for a couple of hours as you began to push and touch those around you for balance with the crashing of bodies in the pit right behind you knocking off your center of gravity.

I was enamored and enthralled by the music and those around me enjoying the music. For my first true, hard rock concert I was instantly hooked. I need more of this… I was amazed to find that we as a society need this level of intimacy, even with strangers like those at the show. It created for me an experience which will be hard to duplicate and one which I long for even now at 2 am as I write this mere hours after the music ended.


Anonymous said...

im 4rm CA n i wish u good luck i really enjoyed ur blog...keep in touch.

Sarah said...

I have been to two rock concerts, and you put into words exactly what I fail so often at trying to explain to people. Thanks!

Khirad said...

I saw these guys like ten years ago in Portland, when they opened up for Godsmack. I was really impressed. These guys are all polished musicians, not just another kick-ass rock band!

I totally agree about the vibes you get from a concert - especially small venues. Come to think of it, it's been a while for me, too. I used to go a lot. I miss them, but not the ringing in my ears!

graceonline said...

Nice capture of the rapture of music, dance and trance in a crowd, Zach. Almost, I could smell the sweat, feel the damp heat.