Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Motorcycle Wreck

So, I got a new bike, it was a 2007 Honda 919. Were you sharp enough to notice the 'was'? Yeah, I also got into a wreck with it. Gravel and curvy roads don't mix, I am ok, my knee is a little bloody but other than that I am good. My helmet and armored jacket saved me from some major damage and just might have saved my life. Both took a beating. I had on my boots and gloves as well. I was drug for a bit then thrown from my bike when it hit the curb, did one or 2 somersaults (not sure on the exact number). My insurance company determined that the bike was a total loss. Yeah, 5 days after getting her... I suppose some of you are like, yeah, that happened to me once, and others are probably calling me an idiot. There was no excessive speed involved, just gravel strewn across the road where trucks had been entering the main road from a construction site, the gravel (it was night) and the curve did me in.

There wasn't any need for medical care or anything, but what I wished I had known was about gap insurance (yeah, I didn't even know what that was). Apparently it covers that difference in what you pay for a new vehicle (in my case my Honda motorcycle) and the depreciation that happens when you drive that vehicle off the lot.

So... I'm out about $1000. I know you probably will think I'm a jerk for this, but if anyone feels like donating for my cause I'd be grateful. If you don't donate I'm ok with that too, but please keep visiting me on my site, I do love the hits. Those of you who know me personally know of the other thing I am going through as well, so you know how much every bit helps (See 'A fork in the road' for an idea). All that being said, if you feel like donating just click on that Pay Pal donation button to the right of this (you might have to scroll up just a little).

Oh, and yes, that was the bike (just below this post)... She sure did look good didn't she...


The Write Dreamer said...

Oh crap. You know, when you posted the picture I immediately thought of an article I'd read which reported that there had been a spike of fatalities with veterans and motorcycles. So glad you aren't one of those statistics.

Anonymous said...

Zachary, She was a beauty....am so grateful you are safe and fortunate enough to be able to recover your loss over time. Your writing is beautiful and wise which makes you beautiful and wise. Thank you for all you do for those who know, love, and depend on you. You are unique and gentle to others and hard on yourself. Sincerely, Jalive

BAM said...

Glad to read everything turned out for the best (other than the bike)..

Thanks for your service. I'm a former Vet (Golf War 1). Did not serve directly there and definitly did not see what you have.

Like what I've read so far and will continue to follow.


griffin2002 said...

So sorry to hear about the bike...she was a beauty.