Sunday, June 05, 2005


Like clockwork they come
It's 8:10 here are the bombs
Night shift is over.

It is getting pretty regular now. At least I can use the explosions to signal the end of my shift each day.


Dorman said...

I am on Caldwell and we do not get mortared. I travel to many of the other FOBs. At Speicher I experienced my first mortar attack; one hit 100 meters away from where we were watching TV. At first I was surprised, but after a few,it is odd how we get used to them.

mrs g said...

Hi, Zach. A big "hello" to you, and all your family.

Daniel's mother

Kate said...

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful comment on my blog. To answer it, I wrote for the past two hours, an intense post, then inadvertently lost it when I tried to add a link. I'm so disappointed. I will try it again tomorrow. I worked really hard on it. I've learned my lesson, though: next time I'll write it in a text file then copy it. I'm so bummed.

Thanks again. You've got me excited about blogging again. I can't thank you enough.

Please take care --


Looking Glass Girl said...

i will never forget the play we were in... The Lion Who Wouldn't! haha that was silly. pj and i laughed at some of the funny stories we have about you.

how great would it be if we could all camp at the beach together again? someday soon i hope. :)

Anonymous said...

found you at OPTRUTH. got a similar story for you from my neighborhood. a few years ago i lived in hollywood and every night at 3 am the drug dealers behind our bldg would fire their weapons. it was like clockwork. it got to typical, if they missed a night, my roommate would yell out the window ' you're LATE! you're gonna be docked for that!!!"---------------janet in venice

Jan said...

take care Zach

greats and pray from holland