Friday, June 17, 2005

What do you think about this?

I am not allowed to tell you exactly how I feel about this But perhaps you can read it for yourselves and make your own opinions known here in the comments section.


Crab said...

Sarge...just read your piece about the accidental killing of the small boy...and that I am not crying now evinces how calloused we here stateside have become, 8,000 miles away...and I can only imagine how you feel about the DSM, the confirmation that the boy's death, the 1,700 deaths we've suffered, the uncounted scores of thousands of's nauseating, man..

Get yourself back safely,


Anonymous said...

Here's what H.L. Mencken once said, "As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." I don't think I need to say anymore than what he said.
-roamer in mich

Hurria said...

What I say about the hearing today is that it is bloody well about time. Too bad it took so long, and so many lives, and so much blood and desruction.

Hurria said...

Dear Zachary,

In the beginning I had some sympathy for the American troops who were in Iraq. I lost that sympathy a long time ago after seeing too many examples of what you do in Iraq. I read the agony in some of your words, and it is empty for me. I cannot feel sorry for your agony over killing people, because, at the end of the day, each of you has a choice. It is a difficult choice to be sure, but you have a choice whether to agree to travel half way across the world to bomb and shoot, and destroy, and maim and kill, and you have a choice to refuse to kill. Iraqis have no choice. You brought this to us in our land, in our homes, and every hour you are there you make the situation worse by carrying out the stupid, ignorant, arrogant orders of your commanders - orders that are based on nothing but lies, and are perfectly designed, whether deliberately or not, to increase the chaos, the death the destruction, and the conflict.

In spite of this I want you to know that I do not hold any ill will toward any of you. I just wish you gone home, and the sooner the better. I wish all of you back in your homes, with your families, safe, and in one piece. Please leave now, and leave it for Iraqis to repair the damage you have done.

a conscientious objector from daddy Gorge Butch gulf war 1 said...

sargeant, you can wax eloquently about your family and the "horrors" of war, but don't be delusional; you and the other grunts are the problem. if you want to make a REAL statement, tell your officers "no, i quit". not strong enough to do it? then, you are the problem.

A 1980 UN convention banned the use of napalm against civilians - after pictures of a naked girl victim fleeing in Vietnam shocked the world.

America, which didn't ratify the treaty, is the only country in the world still using the weapon.

Sonic said...

Linked to your story, hope that is ok.
Keep your head down and get back safe.

hol said...

It's about time - maybe some of the brainwashed Americans who blindly support anything that Bush says or does will start to wake up and smell the lies.

Snag said...

To the CO and some other posters who have suggested that there is more that soldiers can do to resist: easier said than done. While ideally you are correct, the fact is everyone is a victim here. We think in terms of aggressor and aggressees. But everyone suffers spiritually. We cannot be self righteous if war has occurred in the first place. We have failed our fellow man by allowing it to occur at all.
Anger and hostility begets anger and hostility. We continue to suffer if we hate those that hate. It is self-righteousness that started this war, and all wars in the first place. Once we justify our superior postition over others, we allow others to do the same.
While I wish he were at home with his family, I would rather have someone thoughtful like Zach in that role than someone full of hate.

barbara brownlie said...

Just read Joseph Galloway's column in the Detroit Free Press. Your humanity is so evident and so evidently lacking in others. The loss of the life of any child is heartbreaking, but the loss of this child in Iraq is criminal. Not for the young soldier whose life will forever be changed, but for those who so willingly and eagerly lied to the American people about the need to invade Iraq. AS the mother of a retired marine who fought in the 1st Gulf War, my heart goes out to all who must live forever with memories of a misbegotten war and for all those lives lost so senselessly. I fervently pray for your safe return.

Anonymous said...

I think some of you who are a bit critical of Zach need to remember that he was "stop-lossed", in other words, drafted. Soon there will be many more conscripts over there if BushCo have their way. We need to stop that. I agree with snag, I wish we had an army of Zach's, instead of those mindless killing drones that Zach talks about. Zach would actually make a great UN peacekeeper, in my opinion. Maybe he'll consider a career at the UN when he's done with the army.
-roamer in mich

Anonymous said...

We should have asked these questions before the war. The civilians failed the enlisted.

I am grateful that Conyers has finally managed to get an inquiry started.

Some of us are working to bring you home as soon as we have to the votes. In the mean time thank you for your willingness to serve. Get home safe.

Alice Marshall

Omar C. Baez said...

My step-son is in the 82nd airborne and served 1 year in Iraq. Unfortunately he is still brainwashed pretty much into believing anything his "idiot in chief" tells him. I understand how hard it must be for you to be serving over there but you need to make a choice and stop serving. If it is tearing you up that much then object..say no...even if it means a dishonorable discharge or court martial. Send some of your blogs to the media. You are in a position of power. You see everything that is happening so please help open the eyes of the sheep which most of this country's citizens have become. Only you and the other soldiers there can do this. Stage a demonstration opposing the war. Send emails or blogs to the imbedded reporters there. Only you can do this.

Hurria said...

"I would rather have someone thoughtful like Zach in that role than someone full of hate."

Please believe me when I tell you that it makes no difference whatsoever to an Iraqi whether his city is bombed to rubble, and his children killed and maimed, and he is robbed of all semblance of normal life now and in his future by "someone thoughtful like Zach" or someone who is full of hate.

Hurria said...

"I wish we had an army of Zach's, instead of those mindless killing drones that Zach talks about."

Oh yes - thoughtful killers who ask us to feel bad for their pain are ever so much better than mindless killing drones.

Anonymous said...

Aim your blame where it needs to go, BushCo. That is the murderous, corrupt regime that started this fiasco. Work hard to get them out and have them tried for war crimes.
-roamer in mich

Anonymous said...

"What do you think about this?"

Long overdue but better late than never.

wamland said...

I was at the rally yesterday and although it is finally good to see some of this come to light it was equally disheartening to see that there were almost the same amount of people on the softball fields on the other side of the White House as there were at the rally.
I promise to do my part to end this war and see those responsible for this illegal action brought down. However we need a lot of help. People can't be silent anymore. People have to be woken up. I'm not sure how to do that but perhaps if more of your friends in and out of the war, the vets and those currently in Iraq would speak out as well, that would go a long way.
It seems that you guys and gals are the only ones we haven't heard enough from. I realize how hard that is to do and who am I or anyone else to ask it, but I do see it as a means to an end.
Thanks for your blogs and take care.


Anonymous said...

I am doing everything that I can to determine whether or not you are for real and demand UCMJ action against you.

Either that, or I will unmask this as the parady that it seems.

I'll find you.

Kate said...

Wow, Zach, what a way to make waves! I'm sorry you have so many trolls now. What a drag. Hopefully that last "anonymous" commenter, clearly quite brave, is not as crazy as he seems. What a nutcase.

We'll see what happens with the Downing Street stuff. I hope it's enough to wake people up and make them start questioning things. We don't know how we got to Iraq and we don't know what "winning" would mean, so it's no surprise that everything's such a mess.

Take care of yourself. I was so sorry to hear about that fratricide charge in the deaths of the men at your FOB. What a tragedy. It all reminds me that violence breeds violence and war breeds insanity. I fear for those soldiers who have lost their humanity, those you've described who see Iraqis as worthless. Someday they may realize how wrong they were and then have to live with their guilt and regret, like so many soldiers have in the past. It is unconscionable that our administration has set them up for all of this, on top of the chaos we've brought down on the people of Iraq.

Why not work towards peace? Is it that hard? Or it just not that profitable? I hate that we've brought so much more heartache and destruction to so many people in the name of fear.

Someday soon you'll be back home with your wonderful family, then you'll have a whole new opportunity to fight for what's right here at home. You are so strong, so insightful.

Take care, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Son, Your Grandpa Scott talked to me once about the WW II soldiers organizing a march. This is what got EVERYONES attention and soon after troops were sent home. I read all the comments and I remember all the reasons you joined the army at 19. I remember you wanted to be a lindquist, you wanted to pay for your own college, and both your Grandpa and Dad had served in the army, and being raised in a single parent home with a mother and sisters this choice seemed right at the time. YOu also felt you needed more discipline in your life. remember all these conversations? After boot camp and your lindquistic training you felt proud about being a soldier and someone that protects your country. Then you experienced war and your personal questions about what you have done, who you have been, what you are part of began. I understand that when you question others, you have been are hardest on yourself. I know you and anyone who does knows that Zach has always been someone with "heart." I do not want my son to be bitter and critical but where do you go with all these feelings and emotions and experiences when you are in the midst of it...questioning it all on your blog is one way of making a difference and not just standing by. I love you and this is what I know. You are a great and kind man and I know that what you have and are experiencing in war you will come back wiser, stronger and willing to make a difference for all. Love you son, Mom

DPvE - Oak Park, IL said...

Zack, you rock my friend. I want to tell you I cannot agree with those who blame you and the other troops over there. Obviously (as you have observed), some of your fellow soldiers have some screwed up views. But I still respect the fact that you are willing to serve. The truth is - and the Downing Street Memo proves it - you were betrayed by the president. Plain and simple. You were betrayed. I am dead-set against this war, but 100% behind you and the troops. Get home safely!

Anonymous said...

Please keep yourself well and get home soon.
For more on what Representative Conyers is doing with respect to the Downing Street Minutes (minutes, legal document; memo, not) check out: and for what it's all about and what comes next.
Godspeed, Zack

Anonymous said...

Please don't let people who write unkind things get you down. There are all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions. Most rational people understand where you are coming from, realize that you need some sort of outlet, and like myself even though we are 100 percent against this war, we still support soldiers like you 100 percent. I don't believe it is that easy to just refuse orders. Soldiers have been indoctrinated into the business of soldiering. I don't know what I would do in your place. I do know I'm not the kind of person that would make it in the military. So I respect and praise you for fighting for your country. That said, of course this war is wrong, killing innnocent people is wrong, losing our guys and gals is wrong-so what do we do. I don't know. I have signed every petition, written letters to my congressman before and after the war, verbally fought with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers about this war and whether now that we are there if we should bring our troops home. I guess I know my own opinion and initally I thought well since we bombed the hell out of them, we need to stay and clean things up. I don't feel that way anymore. The troops need to come home NOW! If you can think of anything that we can do please let us know. I believe an international peace keeping force would maybe work better than us. I'm not sure. Maybe the UN. I just know what we are doing is not working and selfish or not, I want us to leave. Keep posting your thoughts. You are real-for whoever that is who keeps asking! Crack me up. People are nuts. Stay safe. Peace. Your mom is awesome.
Margie from New York

P.S. I do think Bush and Co. should respond to the Downing Street Memo in detail, but u know what, they are cowards and if they respond at all, it will be to deny, refute or otherwise try to explain away the unexplainable.

Hurria said...

"even though we are 100 percent against this war, we still support soldiers like you 100 percent."

I have never understood this completely irrational position. You are 100 per cent against the war, yet you support 100% the soldiers who are carrying out the war you are 100% against? What kind of bullshit is that?

I do not support one single thing any American is doing in Iraq who is part of the occupation, and I do not support them for being there. I have no sympathy for their pain over the pain they are causing to Iraqis directly or indirectly.

I do wish them all to return safe and whole to their homes and families and the sooner the better.

Snag said...

Would anyone here give up their life to martyr themselves for peace? If someone were shooting at you would you take the bullet for peace? Would you allow yourself to be imprisoned in the name of peace?
A person finds himself in Iraq, irregardless of the side they are on. That person then finds themself being shot at. What do you ask that person to do?
Ideally we all would spontaneously lay down our weapons and go home. But is that the reality?
So as the people of this world who are suffering at the hands of those in power, what do we do to bring the ideal and the reality together?
I support the soldiers as I support all people.

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."~ Mahatma Gandhi

"The great error of nearly all studies of war... has been to consider war as an episode in foreign policies, when it is an act of interior politics..."~Simone Weil

"Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificually induced psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear."~General Douglas MacArthur

Mountain Girl said...

I'm sorry to say Zack, but it's all about the money. If it weren't why are we not helping Africa obtain democracy?
The reason we are not is because there isn't any money in it. Iraq has the oil and we want the oil. I have serious issue with any leader who would send our citizens into a war zone and then reply "I never second guess myself." One day President Bush is going to need his soul and he may have already sold it for an almighty dollar. I hope you return home safe and emotionally sound. Everyone in my home are thinking good thoughts your way.

Rufus said...

Paul Wolfowitz wrote articles in Foreign Affairs Magazine as early as 1995 advocating invasion of Iraq. Six years before 2001. Clinton never did invade. But, I have no doubt that they planned this invasion from the first day that Bush entered the White House. Don't fool yourself into thinking that public opinion matters. There was no public debate about this war, and there never will be.

Anonymous said...

I am so afraid that Carlton is correct. Our society seems to be trained to pay attention only to mass media. I sent some information to one of my daughters who told me she had no interest in underground , left wing propaganda. She is not a stupid person , but simply cannot believe that her government could possibly be doing the things it is doing. I think a lot of people feel that way. If we don't get to the mainstream media it will be very difficult to stop this war.

Anonymous said...

There was no public debate about this war, and there never will be.

We'll see about that.

Alice Marshall

Rufus said...

Absolutely, the media sucks. But, my point was this: Did we get to vote on invading Iraq? Were there any public forums on the war in your town before the war? Because, there were none where I was at the time, and I was in Washington DC. Nobody ever asked us if we wanted this war. There was no public discussion. And when the anti-war marches were larger than any marches during the Vietnam war the administration did not care. And I just can't imagine that they will ever put it to a vote. I know people of all political stripes where I live now (Buffalo, NY) and not one of them wants this war. None of them. So, the communication problem is definitely with the media. But, the fact that our government simply does not listen to it's own citizens is a much bigger problem.

Rufus said...

Alice Marshall said:
"We'll see about that."

Hey, I wish you the best. God knows Fairfax County is a tough place to be a democrat. If you can get people there debating the war, then you've accomplished a miracle.

An Angry Old Broad said...

Please know that even us "anti war"folks don't want to see any American solider come home in a body bag.

The country is in a huge internal fight amongst itself over this war.It's ugly,and tremendously sad.

Stay safe,and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this country is an internal fight, I agree. We'll see what happens when the Bushies' kids start getting drafted.
-roamer in mich

Anonymous said...

God knows Fairfax County is a tough place to be a democrat.

We'll see about that.

Alice Marshall

Anonymous said...

dont be so critical of our soldiers. our soldiers dont want to be there. only our president does. if they said "no, i quit" they'd be put in jail and wouldn't be able to see their families. i think your an ass for criticizing our men and women over seas.

Hurria said...

"if they said "no, i quit" they'd be put in jail and wouldn't be able to see their families."

And they would live to get out of jail and see their families again. And they would not have to feel such anguish over having unhesitatingly put bullets into their fellow human beings, or dropping bombs on homes with families sleeping inside, or shooting holes in the windshields of ambulances, or occupying hospitals, or breaking down doors of homes at 3 in the morning, or any of the other ugly,ugly things they do day after day to Iraqis, after which the "thoughtful" ones cry over what they did.

He slapped me and then demanded sympathy.

Anonymous said...

What is the US Military..Nothing less then a uniformed cult..A death cult actually..On top of this our so-called leadership are certified dolts..It is written in stone that an insurgency cannot be defeated unless you have the population on your side and we are universally loathed in Iraq and worldwide..Listen soldiers, If you knew of the moral and mental burden that the random hate and spraying of lead can cause for your future you would begin at once to be hostile and suspicious of your bogus leaders and start thinking now of your own exit strategy...

Anonymous said...


It is a shame that you have attracted so many trolls. The vast majority of us support you, and wish you the best.

Stay safe!

and remember an old saying, fta!

impeach bush

Anonymous said...

america is messed up right now and getting weirder by the day. the neocons have a stranglehold on our government. the republican party seems to have gone stark raving mad-or maybe they were always that way. i feel like there is almost civil war at home.

i'll do what i can to get bush impeached but it won't be easy.

take care.

Anonymous said...

I think snag has a valid point.If the shoe was on the other foot would you see things differently?
Of coarse, its the way its always been,guilty until proven inocent.
Everything seems easyer when its not you in the situation.GOD BLESS
And may all our soldiers come home safe and sound,really soon.Stay Safe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can support the troops 100% and not the reason. It's called respect. Respecting the life changing decision they made, whether in America or abroad.

The best and fastest way to get rid of the Americans is, Iraqis need to stand up, stop running and stop/report these foreign fighters from coming into Iraq and who are already in the country.

Anonymous said...

"It is a shame that you have attracted so many trolls."

What do you call the people who agree with your point of view?

Anonymous said...

Your Whining and Complaining is giving Aid & Comfort to the Enemy!

Why don't you write your congressmen instead?

Anonymous said...

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