Monday, July 31, 2006

My Vietnam

Looking out of my Humvee window I realized that this was my Vietnam. We were finally made it to the Euphrates and it was like a jungle to me after being in the desert for weeks. Things were quiet as we stopped for the night before crossing a bridge where some of my unit had been ambushed the day before. Sleep came quickly after so many hours of vigilance.

We woke to the sun and baking heat and I decided that I had time to change my essentials (underwear, socks, and shirt). Sitting back inside my canvas Humvee we were waiting for the call to proceed north across the bridge and into Baghdad.

Baghdad, we were finally going to get there after so many days of fighting and driving. The lush vegetation had its own voice, much different than the harsh desert. Sitting there listening to the sounds around me I was hit by that thought, this was my Vietnam, and it was punctuated by an explosion overhead.

The sounds around me changed from those of life to the screech of war and death. For a split second I hesitated and then it struck me, the absurdity of it all. I was sitting under a canvas roof, and I realized that I had to get out of my truck and take cover. Running with my rifle as death rained down from above time seemed to slow.

I focused on a large heavy equipment truck (HET) that was to my right. Without regard to my body I slammed into the ground under the engine block of that vehicle and looked franticly around trying to see where it was coming from. All I could see were the grasses and palm trees which looked so lush and inviting minutes before staring back at me full of shadows and hiding places.

They could be anywhere I thought as explosions continued to hammer the ground around me. This is it, I am going to die, it kept running through my head like the ticker at the bottom of the news, but it was more of a buzzing annoyance than an actual thought. Then like that it was over. Only a few seconds had passed but those seconds were stretched into an eternity in my mind.

After a few minutes we started to get up and look around, in front of me one of the soldiers from my platoon was yelling, "Holy shit, they are going to kill me." Yet he held his ground and kept looking for an enemy to shoot at. I was glad that even thought he was afraid he was still functioning, not locked up in his fear letting it consume him like I had seen it do to some. And like that it was over, we were alive and that buzzing in my head, "you are going to die," turned off, looking back at the truck I hid under I saw that behind the cab was a giant fuel tank. The absurdity of it all hit me, I had been hiding under a fuel truck carrying over 500 gallons of diesel.

About an hour later we proceeded across the bridge, another day closer to Baghdad, another day closer to going home.


Still an Army Wife said...

I think it may be time to let some things go Zach. Now that you have that coveted freedom from the Army, don't dwell on your past experiences. Make your money and your name from something other than the past. My husband was in that invasion with you. He saw the same bodies. Life goes on, for Most soldiers. Let yours go on as well.

Carol said...

Still an army wife needs to understand that everyone has to make their own path. Zach - you are doing exactly what is right - teaching us about war, and speaking your mind. I have to think that that is a freedom that 'still an army wife' thinks we are protecting with the war in Iraq. Despite the fact that Iraq was not a threat to us.

She may not want to know what goes on in war, and may think you should just move on. But I would wager that those who can just move on from the horrors of war have a very cold dead place in their hearts. Keep on writing Zach, and healing yourself, and teaching us.

Albatroz said...

in a war it isn't the brave or the cowards that survive: it's the lucky ones... I am glad you were one of the lucky ones...

jarvenpa said...

I too am glad you were one of the lucky ones, but I wish all our soldiers were out of there. Now.

Lynn said...

"Still an army wife" should also realize that if those who experienced something as strong as this, they should not simply bury it and let it go unnoticed.

What if those who witnessed the Holocaust simply turned their backs on reality and moved on without first speaking about it and educating others?

It's not about making money or a name. It's about education.


Halla said...

I agree with all of the above except still an army wife. Zach you deal with it in whatever makes you comfortable. You are an excellent writer, you have the ability to put it in a story that captivates you!

Keep it up, I for one am facinated!!

Marty said...

I agree that this is about education. And the troops are the only ones who educate us. It is more about our need to know than Zach's need to tell. "Still an army wife" needs to realize that as well.

Anonymous said...

You can't let this "go" right now, Zach. None of us can. This Iraq fiasco, along with the Israeli blunder in Lebanon is very likely the beginning of WW 3. Unless we act to get our troops out and shut the whole ME conflict down, I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Colin Powell was right about one thing, "If we break it, we own it."

-roamer in mich

Beverly said...

What do you feel when someone tells you that you need to let it go?

Anonymous said...

the point 'still an army wife' is failing to grasp is that to let something go one has to acknowledge and understand it. So many generations of soldiers in the last century were unable to acknowledge and so kept it in, to the detriment of their own psyche and to following generations of men. Burying it unresolved will only allow it to fester and probably come out in very destructive ways in the future. Get your head out of the sand, 'still an army wife' and realize that Zach's therapy is his writing, which is alot healthier than a few drinks every night, or prescription drugs.

Anonymous said...

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